Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life's Lessons are not always easy.

On a personal note I have to tell the story of Elise Ronnebaum and her unfortunate last year of showing steers at her county fairs. Showing 4H at one and FFA at the other allows her to show at both Delaware and Clayton county fairs. Elise and her support staff came to Holtkamp Cattle with a simple goal of getting a class winner at either fair something she has never done before and I thought this was a realistic goal. After making their selection and bidding on several they were able to get two steers in their price range and she was set. Ten months of feeding and working on her steers everything was coming together nicely. Within one week of her first county fair in a very unlucky and a freak accident her 1275 pound steer slips and falls and comes up lame. Elise was heart broken and a very emotional decision was made not to take him to the fair. I made the comment that Life is not easy or fair ,but your better steer still gets to show in two weeks and your goal is still alive. Everything was coming together great then in a unfortunate twist of fate she was leading her well broke breeding heifer at check in and her calf got spooked and sent her tumbling. A trip to the emergency room the doctor said she was OK but would not clear her to show at the county fair. Heart broken all over again Elise had her friend Gina show her steer. In a very bitter sweet moment her steer was able to reach her goal and WON his class.

I don't know if I learned more or Elise did with this experience. But I know I got reminded not to take anything for granted. Cattle showing teaches such a great work ethic and real life lessons, good and bad to young people. This is why Holtkamp Cattle is proud to be in the club calf business.

The steer did get reserve Grand Champion but that was just a side note.

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