Saturday, April 30, 2011

Center of Attention report

Scott Synder called and said "you need to get over here and picture some of these baldy heifers. They look amazing."

Rising Stars sale success

This week I was up to Travis Curtin, IA and seen the two bred heifers he had purchased in our Rising Stars sale. Both doing a super job of raising calves and the Premium Blend has a nice Ringer heifer calf.
Travis got both Predator and Walks On Water semen.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poll closed on Big Momma 23

Thanks to everyone that participated in this poll.
Results :
Believe in me
Looks like her first flush this spring will be to Predator.

David Mozingo selling Predator

David Mozingo has loaded up on Predator and you can call him at 405.880.0397 to see if he will be in your area to schedule delivery.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Predator video at Denver 09 as seen on

I was looking at the older display bull videos on and checked out Predator 09. I thought I would try to load it on my blog to see if I can do that. One thing I know is that Predator and Dacota have got bigger.

Walks on Water steer calf

This Walks on Water is another one from Boneso Livestock, CA. Wes did a great job of getting those baby calves ready for pictures. I know Steve has a younger set of those WOW calves he said are some of the best he has ever raised. Call Steve at 805.294.3816 and ask him about them.

Heat wave steer calf

He's a Heat Wave x Jewel purchased as a embryo in our Rising Stars sale and is going to be in our fall Run for the Backdrop sale in September.

Foundation Simmental for Seys

It took me awhile to get this picture of Caleb Seys at the Missouri AGR. This heifer had a really nice winter and spring showing. I think her future looks bright for this summer. Great heifer, great family and I'm just glad to be along for the ride.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walks on Water J land and cattle

WOW x Full Forum from Josh Johnson,IL
I think that thing looks good, questions give Josh a call at 815.252.7902 he's building a great herd. Also, call Sean at 815.739.1013 the greatest gate guy ever.

Predator Ad preview

New Ad

Walks on water calf

Walks on Water x Simmental/Angus steer just hanging out.

Immortal show steer

Here's an Immortal x Maine that was sold in our Run for the Backdrop fall sale. He was reserve crossbred division at both MO agr and Iowa beef expo and a class winner every where else. Shown by Kori McLaughlin.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Predator Calf Smoke

From Bowling Show Cattle a Predator out of a Dr. Who/ Char. As stated on the Internet " 70 lbs unassisted out of a first calf heifer. He is only getting better."
contact them at or 573.489.9565

Predator calf

The other Predator heifer calf featured in the new Predator ad.

Walks on Water report

Talking to Tim Riley he really likes his Walks on Water calves. He commented on how hairy the calves are and that they are some of the best ones he has. He defiantly will reorder more for this year. Can't wait to see them the Riley's have kicked out some really good ones.

Off roading but still on the road.

Traveling in Missouri the road went from pavement to gravel to crossing this low water bridge. With the skies ready to down pour, I thought it was best to keep moving. The stop was well worth it as I was able to purchase a really nice Irish Whiskey x Angus fall heifer from Robert Tavener. Also, he had a spring born Immortal heifer that that look good.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Looks like everyone would like to buy cattle one on one.
I sure agree with that.
Be sure to vote on the new poll because the winning choice might be her first flush. Big mamma has a cool looking Heat Seeker bull calf at her side now and should be ready to get setup to flush soon. Text me with other options if you want more.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Predator Heifer

This is a Predator heifer featured in our new Predator ad. I'm having a little trouble getting the ad to load and view. It should be coming soon.

Immortal Report

I received a call from Bob May updating me about a Immortal steer he purchased in our Run for the Backdrop sale last fall. He reported that the Strope family in Nebraska has just won two shows in Nebraska. Should have some pictures coming soon.

Thanks Cattle Visions

Thanks to Carl at Cattle Visions in Mo. I stopped in and dropped off a bull I sold to Scott and Jason Tutt. It's a really nice facility and they do carry Predator, Walks on Water and Immortal.( I'm sure a few others) The driveway was a little tricky to find I overshot it while talking on the phone. Call them at 866.356.4565

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Only my opinion

Lots of ways to make money in the cattle business. Not all of them are for me.
I like to get up in the morning and look forward to checking my cows. I think I'm going to keep breeding  them clubby.

Heading to Missouri

Holtkamp Dr Meyer heading to Grandstaff Cattle. This Witchdocter x Meyer 734 son has done a really good job here of making females.
I'm going to be delivering semen and looking at calves in MO.


Thanks to Rick Frye for doing the research and purchasing Predator semen to use in his herd. check out this outstanding program.

No more watching, Time for action

Clint Jones and Shaq taking the big step from the bottle calf divison to the IJBBA show. The journey started out by picking up a unclaimed twin calf here. He's been watching his sister and brother have success in the show ring and now it's time for action and no more watching.
No doubt Shaq has won the calf lottery here. Good work Clint.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walks On Water Ad Preview

Here's the new Walks On Water ad. I know that the WOW calves at our house are sure turning it on now.

Flushing to Predator

Thanks to Ben and Owen Weikert for going to flush this great and successful Shorthorn Plus female to Predator. I'm sure excited for the possibilites that could come out of this mating. For opportunities on this great female text Ben at 717.253.2043

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cool calf picture

Predator x Paleface. This calf is TH and PHA free. I call him the myth buster because he has great hair and bone in a genetic free package.

Predator the baldy maker

Predator out of a Heat Wave cow from Dan McLaughlin. This picture reminded me that there have been several Predator calves with only white on the face and not the legs.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kori Mclaughlin Heat Wave x Choo Choo

Kori with her Heat Wave x Choo is purchased in our Run for the Backdrop sale. She had a good winter and spring with him Res Grand steer at the WIU preview show and res crossbred division at the Iowa Beef expo and MO AGR shows. Now it sounds like he's put up until summer.

Tyler Humphrey selling Predator semen

Just letting you know Tyler Humphrey is carrying Predator semen. To check with Tyler to see if he will be in your area contact him at 419.230.3450. Or check him out at www.humphreymarketing

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Immortal undefeated Market Heifer in CA

Blaine Rodgers raised and sold this Immortal heifer.

Calf report from Jayd Frasher

I received a report from Jayd Frasher that he has seen several really nice Predator calves. One he talked about was at Scott Hewlett,IA a Predator heifer calf out of a Dr Who first calf heifer Scott purchased at Holtkamp's Rising Stars sale. Scott also purchased a bred heifer that had a nice Ringer heifer.
Thanks to Jayd for this report.He is traveling around IA and Mo selling semen for Burroughs Bulls,OH and he has Predator and Walks on Water semen with him to contact him call 573.321.0433
This is one of the bred heifers Scott had purchased at Rising Stars sale. Be sure to check out his Labor Day sale.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Predator report

Had a Predator heifer out of a 3C Macho x Maine Angus 3rd calver. The cow is real feminine and moderated framed. That heifer is really good. Taped around 90 lbs. Big boned and hip, good hair. I would say looks like the cow but more hair, more bone and bigger hipped. She reminds me of the Predator x Irish Whiskey heifer on Predator's ad.
Thanks David Treinen

I added the picture of the Predator picture he was talking about.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Predator bull calf

Check out this one Predator x Paleface bull calf. There will be more to come on this one. Check back and follow him. He is TH and PHA free. You want to know more about this one contact either Devon Olson 309.714.1509 or Jason Minnaert 309.489.6024.

Immortal steer third overall VCCP

Immortal x Simmental Angus shown by Ryan Brown, OH sold in Run for the Backdrop at Holtkamp Cattle to John Choate, WI

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Predator from Rapp, Il

Derrick Rapp sent this picture of this Predator bull calf. He really likes all his Predator calves. Doing a little research he is out of a TH free cow. Check out the shag.

Donor Cow from Grandstaff Cattle Co, Mo

Bella a donor for Grandstaff's. She is a Sunseeker out of Holtkamps Big Mamma 23 making her maternal sibs to Immortal and Walks on Water. The picture is a little dark but you can still tell she has alot of power and still a great look.They are getting ready to flush her anyone with interest call Cody at 573.259.7994

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun of calving

Proud new mom that keeps you on the move. A couple notes here she's more impressive in person on how high she's throwing the dirt. The second thing is that her nose is clean because she blew that all over me when I grabbed and tagged her calf. Gotta love it.

Immortal heifer from Boneso,Ca

Immortal X Irish Whiskey. Cool neck and hairy a lot of what you can expect from her daddy.

Walks On Water from Boneso

Walks On Water x Irish Whiskey from Steve Boneso, CA.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Predator heifer from Heaton's

Predator x Tyra (Ali x Dr Who) from Jon and Elizabeth Heaton, Il . I knew they were excited when they talked about this one. Now I am excited about this one too. I really like how long necked this one is but yet how soft structured she is. Nice job turning a show heifer into a show heifer producer.

Immortal heifer from Brock Welshans

Brock sent me this picture after we were talking about how to use Predator. It sure sounds like and looks like he's doing a great job of mating genetics in Michigan. Thanks for using Holtkamp Cattle Sires.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Predator heifer calf Brain Lutz

This is a 3/4 Maine-Anjou, Predator out of a Hot Line cow. I have seen this one in person and she is nice. So sound, smooth and awesome hair. Call Brain Lutz at 319.931.3666

Friday, April 8, 2011

Predator calf

Predator out of a Jazz Granddaughter. This calf is TH & PHA free

Pig sale Heart of it All

Any pig shoppers make sure to check out sale tomorrow. Terry cell 319.850.1227

Predator calf pic bone & hair

Jason sent me this Predator calf picture and said he is doing a great job of adding bone and leg hair. My comment was not bad for a TH & PHA free bull.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Immortal calf picture

This calf picture came from Blaine Rodgers, CA. Immortal x Scotch Whiskey (Irish Whiskey son)
Blaine also said he has an Immortal first calf heifer doing a great job raising her Northern Improvement calf.

Immortal change in ownership

Just wanted to let everyone know that Randy Goddard of Goddard Cattle Co has purchased Immortal's shares from Caldwell, Heckman, Jones and Martin. Holtkamp Cattle has retained their share in Immortal and is very excited to be working with someone as aggressive as Goddard Cattle Co and their Manager Garrett Kalvig. Immortal has done just an outstanding job of consistently sireing saleable cattle. Any questions on how to use him just call or text 319.850.1563
I want to make sure to thank Todd, Tim, Brandon and Jim.This has been a great group to work with.