Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cool fitting pictures!

I like to look at the fitted cattle. This is one from last years sale.
Their are so many great stories that come from the club calf business that get passed over. This hind leg was fit by a young man that is in high school. His Mom and Dad have no cattle back ground and he started out in the bucket bottle calf division. His passion and talent was noticed and with a little guidance he has blossomed in a few short years.
The third overall at the Iowa State Fair was a home raised calf out of a performance tested herd sire. In all the hype and thinking that the highest priced one is going to be the winner this accomplishment is cool. The true success stories happen all around us everyday in the club calf business. Good things do happen to those that put in the work and keep it real.

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  1. chad this is awesome ... i've always really liked the fitting part of the cattle showing... it's actually my favorite part. wish i could fit like this.. lol