Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Predator sells on the Went online sale. Hi Chad, this is Cale Went from Monroe, NE. Attached is a picture and video of a Predator bull selling in our online sale on the 27th on CadwellWilloughby. Was wondering if you could post on your blog. Thanks. Rory Went/Cale Went. 4022702834/4022700467

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another super cool UCB heifer calf.

UCB x Dr Who 1 day old heifer calf. Just like his full brother Predator, they both can make baldies on baldy cows.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Affliction from differant angles.

Irish Whiskey x Who Da Man
When taking his picture Cash Langford said "This one looks awesome from any angle"
I agree he looks great in every picture. So excited on what this one of a kind can do.

Rising Stars cool new baby calf.

Top   I80 x Miss Skunky(Smiling Bob) Lot 19 RS   Thanks Mark Tracy, WI . My question is how good could this one be?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Walks on Water sells on the Boneso sale.

Be sure to checkout the great opportunities at the Boneso Livestock complete dispersal this Saturday Feb 23rd. WOW sells in his entirety. Steve has done a good of putting together some top notch genetics.

Cool silver Immortal bull calf.

Dan Mcllhany, TX raised this Immortal x HooDoo. What a cool looking calf, Immortal can still get it done and his daughters are making great cows too. Dan Mcllhany 210.274.6740

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Calving ease sires selling online.

3 calving ease sires safe for first calf heifers. Check them out on Holtkamp Online bull sale on selling February 25th.(next Monday)

Predator heifer Res Div 2 crossbred IBE.

The Core family showed this really good Predator daughter at the Iowa Beef Expo. She was reserve champion division 2 commercial heifer. She was raised by Nate Becker and sold thru Dr Jeff Holmes online sale.

Predator new ad.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Affliction new ad.

Cool little newborn UCB calf.

This heifer calf is out of UCB and is just a few hours old. UCB calves easy and the calves get up and get going and are very marketable. UCB sells Feb 25th on our online sale. Kim told me that selling UCB just goes on the long list of dumb stuff I've done. I told her she's in luck because there is a lot of dumb stuff I'm still capable of.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The first preview of Affliction is here!

AFFLICTION (Irish Whiskey x Who Da Man)
TH & PHA FREE !!!!
Interest in him has been exciting and the semen demand is growing daily. Call to get on the list.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

UCB steer calf getting ready for IBE.

Max McClure's steer getting ready to go to Iowa Beef Expo. He is sired by UCB who sells in our online sale. This might be Max's first year, but he's taking care of him like a pro.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Affliction's picture is a week away and think about what makes an Elite sire.

Stay tuned for this future DIFFERENCE MAKER. If we are to move forward and make genetic progress as a club calf industry, we need to look at and discuss the main area's that Affliction can offer us as a sire to move forward.

We as an industry have accepted that Irish Whiskey can sire those females that excel in production. The only down fall to Irish Whiskey is that he is a carrier of PHA. I realize that there are several good Irish Whiskey son's to chose from but if we are going to move forward geneticly we need to identify the PHA free son's.  Affliction is tested PHA FREE!

Let's discuss Affliction's mother: JSUL Dreams Come True. She hails from the John Sullivan herd that is by far the most dominant show cattle herd in the country. JSUL Dreams Come True herself was a dominant show heifer for the Bridwell family by winning several supreme titles including the North American. The North American is the hardest of shows to win with the simple fact that all the best ones are there showing. John Sullivan has had his hand in the last 5 supreme champions at this show. Two of which would be full sister's in blood including Affliction's mother and this year's supreme champion for the Elder family. Now that's power and the list keeps going on.  Affliction is out of Elite genetics and proven documented history.

Affliction is TH free. I know that we all think that the only way to get enough hair is to have a TH carrier but I will argue that with Affliction. As a cattle breeder if you have a TH carrier female your choices are greatly limited with today's steer sire options. Look forward and move forward geneticly with a TH free option.  Affliction can make that list.

Affliction is sired by Irish Whiskey an Elite sire.
Affliction is out of an Elite cow from an Elite Program.
Affliction is a rare find of TH and PHA free.
Affliction is in my opinion, an Elite individual. Hopefully you'll agree with his picture next week.
Maternal sister to AFFLICTION
The list to get semen has started, just text me at 319.850.1563 to get on the list. If you don't like his picture I'll take you off.

Happy customer with bred heifer purchase.

Mikala Denney can't wait for her lot 20 of Rising Stars to calve to Predator. It's hard to believe that this one keeps getting better. Stay tuned to have a chance at some embryos out of this one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cows "peas in a pod"

I hope this picture isn't too dark. Today we brought this group of cows in to sort off the ones that will go into the calving pen and I thought it was cool how even sized this group was.  It made me appreciate the time it takes to put your herd together the way you like them. This group is how I like them, Sappy and several!

England steer at backdrop.

Nelson's res simmental at MO AGR at the backdrop.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Predator son's selling.

These Predator son's sell Feb 25th on our online bull sale. Predator TH and PHA free sire that progressive breeders are using.

Reserve Champion Simmental Steer MO AGR.

Congrats to Nelson England, IL with his res champion Simmental steer this weekend at the Missouri AGR. This steer came out of our fall pasture sale. This picture was taken the day before he went to MO. More pictures to come on this one because he's getting better and is in a really good home. Thanks Keith and Nelson.