Friday, August 31, 2012

Check out the lights at Minnaert Show cattle.

Oh so cool. Stadium lights over the new pens at Minnaert Show Cattle. Be sure to check out his elite set of heifers in his Sep. 23rd sale and the lights.

Predator heifer selling at The Usual Suspects Sale.

Chad--here is a Predator heifer selling September 11th on the Usual Suspects Sale near Laurens, IA.  She is a maternal sister to the Champion Maine at the 2009 Iowa State Fair.  Visit for more info!


Thank, Jason McCartan

Thursday, August 30, 2012

BIM heifer that's sappy.

Believe In Me x 6X (Meyer 734) Lot 7
Just a shot of color to get noticed. The Bim's sure making an impact here at Holtkamp Cattle.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walks on Water heifer in Run for the Backdrop.

Walks on Water x Irish Whiskey heifer. This one is hairy, hairy. I think she could go either way market or breeding. Lot 5

Silent Night full sib heifer sells at Olson Show Cattle.

Predator x Pale Face/Cheap Trick ( Full sib to Silent Night). She sells Sep 9th at Olson Show Cattle, IL. Call Devon 309.714.1509 or visit his website at www.

This is a Monopoly x Lamborghini from Rapp

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gray Show Cattle rocking the great ones.

 Monopoly x Lamborghini x Red Top
A Lamborghini donor getting it done...
Can register: Maintainer, Foundation Simmental, Chi

Sells 9/16.  Check for more information. 


Zach Gray


If your looking for a place to get one clipped and fitted the best that anyone can do just check out the work Curt Meyer and Zach can do. Nobody is better!
The mother of this heifer that Derrick Rapp raised was bred and sold here at Holtkamp Cattle.

Cell pic of Smiling Bob heifer.

Lot 9 - I was clipping on her yesterday when Novak's sent me info on how much her full sister had won. That heifer was so much fun. This Smiling Bob has more size than her sister. I thought she looks good in this picture but wait till we picture her outside. We are starting to get going our outside pictures. Stay tuned.
Full sister to Lot 9 Smiling Bob x Cheap trick.
Champion Market heifer 7 times Res 2 times
Overall Champion 3 times Res 2 times
3rd Overall 2 times
5th Overall 1 Time
See what I mean     FUN!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Full sib to one of my all time Favorites.

On top is a Dr Who X Rodgers Miss Macho for sale that is a full sib to the several time champion for the Martin Family in IN, that was purchased in our Run for the Backdrop sale. This heifer sells in the SB Showcattle sale on September 16th. Tim Schanbacher and Nate Becker purchased her as embryos in our Rising Stars sale. Also, they have a full sib bull calf that looks good. Call Tim @ 319.929.3366
Thanks guys

Predator heifer for sale in Ohio.

Hi chad, this is a predator x white eye (godfather/meyer). She's a late February, will really stand out as a maintainer. She's for sale if you know of anyone you think may be interested. I'm from near bowling green, Ohio. Thanks for your help.
Levi Richards 419.266.2685

Thanks Levi I sure thinks she looks good and the Predator's keep getting better. Any questions give him a call. Chad

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Predator heifer shaping up nicely.

Lot 6 Predator x An/HS Maintainer.
After this crazy hot summer these calves are really turning the corner and are changing for the better everyday. Deep set of heifers in Run for the Backdrop.

Calf head rest.

We are clipping and tagging sale calves so we can be ready for a big weekend of showing calves this holiday weekend coming up. Dacota was clipping the brisket of this calf and the calf rested his head right on his. Should be ready viewing.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cell pic of Sweet Alabama in chute.

Lot 1 Sweet Alabama Pb Simmental  Shocking Dream.
Just took some hair off of her and thought she looked pretty amazing.

Everybody knows my weakness for baldies.

Willie Morris sends me this head shot of this Predator heifer that he really likes. Then he said more to come.
All you have to tell me is that you have a really good baldy and you have my full attention! More to come.

Friday, August 24, 2012

BIM steer looking the part.

This one looks good. Just a cell phone picture in the chute but he sure looks the part to me.
BIM x 6X (Meyer ) Lot 20 in Run for the Backdrop.

Immortal from Bennett Show Cattle.

For sale at Bennett Show Cattle. Immortal x PB Simmental heifer. Call or text Blake at 660.620.0442

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cell phone pic of a Monopoly in Run for the Backdrop.

Lot 10 Monopoly x 6X(Meyer) Heifer pictured in Aug Ad.
Just starting to take the first layer of hair off of sale calves.  We will be taking regular pictures and videos sometime soon. She also has the crome on the head.

Monday, August 20, 2012

New attraction for Rising Stars.

Nathan Novak is going to sell this ever popular multiple champion heifer at Rising Stars. She's bred to I80 and was ultrasounded with a heifer calf on board.
Be sure to check out her full sister ( Smiling Bob x Cheap Trick/734) at Run for the Backdrop.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Congratulations to Hunter Conrad with his Supreme Champion Heifer at the Kenosha County Fair in Wisconsin.  His champion heifer was sold in our Rising Star Sale and is an Immortal x Icepick.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good job Kori at ISF

Congrats Kori McLaughlin with her Res Champion Maine Anjou at the Iowa State Fair. Just adding to her great year.
Great heifer show at the Iowa State Fair. Clint Rusk did simply a outstanding job of judging that many awesome heifers. Fun show to watch.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Way to go Cole Moeller!

Congrats to my nephew Cole with his Champion Overall breeding gilt at the Iowa State Fair. Moeller Show Pigs come thru again.

Indiana State Fair Champion sired by Immortal.

I found this picture on Brandon Jones website( I have heard a lot of comments about this steer being flat awesome and this picture sure shows that. I'm glad to see we are picking the steers with more power. Immortal will bring you the power.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Immortal sires the Reserve Supreme Heifer at the Missouri State Fair!

Great Job Devon Stout with his Immortal heifer that was named Reserve Supreme heifer at the Missouri State Fair. She was sold by McDaniels and Bennett Show Cattle. Thanks Blake and nice work again.

Governor's steer show candids.

Larry Zimpleman the CEO of Principal Financial Group showed Turbo at the Iowa State Fair Governor steer show. It was a great fit for him to show the Iowa County Fair Grand Champion Steer shown by Justin Donahoe because Larry grew up in Iowa county. Great guy.

Huge crowds to watch this event. I love the street walk up to the overflowing crowd in the show ring.

Predator steer

Friday, August 10, 2012

Congrats Humphrey Family, Res Supreme Illinois State Fair!

Great job Derek!!!!  Reserve Supreme heifer at the Illinois State Fair. Sold by Minnaert and Holtkamp. More pictures and info to come.
That's 4th overall last year and Res this year at the Illinois State Fair for Holtkamp.
Also congrats Elizabeth Heaton with her Supreme Champion heifer sold by Mike Hartman and Minnaert.

Run for the Backdrop is coming.

It's hard to believe that the scribbles below turn into an AD above. Thanks to Melissa at Red Cow Creations for all her help in our marketing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Congrats Derek Humphrey Champion Maintainer Illinois State fair!

Holtkamp and Minnaert teamed up and sold this heifer to the Humphrey family. These guys do a great job of taking care of and showing one. Derek has been doing really good all year with this one.

Predator heifer Res Maintainer Illinois State Fair.

Elizabeth Heaton showing her Predator heifer to Res Champion Maintainer at the Illinois State Fair.
Good luck to Elizabeth she also had the Champion Chi heifer and sounds like she will be tough to beat.

Nice Job Max! Check out his Bottle calf stalls.

Congrats to Max McClure on his Champion bottle calf win! He knows his stuff.
These stalls are done to the extreme, custom dividers that hold a shelf, hay feeders, and separate feed and water tubs. Top notch. This calf won the calf lottery getting to leave Holtkamp Cattle and go to the McClure house. Next year he moves to big ones and I'm sure with his care you'll here his name again.

Every job is important no matter how big or small you are.

My little man Brody knows every job is important. Also, I let him oil this calf and I guarantee you that he didn't squeak when he was finished. The only way you learn to do something is by doing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grimmel finishes on top.

Great job by Melissa with her Immortal steer out of the Run for the Backdrop sale last fall. What a great family and a outstanding job of winning early and late!
The top picture is her winning the Hardford County Farm Fair, Maryland. The bottom picture is Melissa at the VCCP.

Immortal wins Clayton County Fair.

Congrats to Jacob Wessel and his Champion steer at the Clayton County fair. His steer is sired by Immortal and was purchased from Kevin Saathoff. This steer had to beat 180 market animals. Nice turnout and nice job Jacob.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Immortal sired steer wins Indiana State Fair!

Congrats to Cole Wilcox with his Grand Champion Steer at the Indiana State Fair. He is sired by IMMORTAL.
This steer was raised by one of the biggest Immortal fans and one of the best cow guys in the country Jeff Miller, IN.
Great job Brandon Jones(Nobody gets them looking better than him) and Todd Caldwell. Also, the Wilcox family.